Anawave Gravity Install & Configure



1.From your desktop double click grav21b3.exe.

2.Read the Software Licence Agreement and click the I Accept button if you agree to its terms.

3.Click the OK button.

4.Click the No button.

5.Click the Yes button.

6.Click the OK button.

7.Click the Yes button to start Gravity.


1.In the News Server (NNTP) text box enter news.wavetech.net.

2.In the Mail Server (SMTP) text box enter mail.wavetech.net.

3.In the Full Name text box enter Your Name.

4.In the E-mail Address text box enter your dial-up username immediately followed by @wavetech.net Example: username@wavetech.net

5.Click the OK button.

6.This process will take a few minutes to retrieve the newsgroups, click the OK button,

7.Click the Yes button.

8.From the list of newsgroups select and Add the topics you desire, then click the Done button.

9.Click the Yes button.