Consulting, Marketing & Analysis Services

Confused on where to start or which way to go?  Your not alone.  Many people have come to us for help in custom designing the right Internet solution.    Minnesota Wavetech's Internet consulting service can help you analyse your needs and provide you with insight as to which combination of services are right for you.

Key Benefits

  Ten years of combined Internet experience
  In depth needs analysis helps you determine your requirements
  Technical resources provide critical information

Internet Marketing and Analysis Services

Internet Marketing and Analysis Services offer your company the ability to:

  Gather information on competitors who are on-line
  Find resources on the Internet that directly relate to your industry
  Conduct information and data collection on any topic
  Announce your Internet presence to over 500 search engines
  Announce your Internet presence to people who are pre-qualified to be interested in your industry and company

Internet Marketing Services are essential to any successful Internet presence.  When used in conjunction with Internet Analysis Services, Wavetech can first create a detailed, comprehensive, and effective strategy for marketing your Internet site and then implement it.  Furthermore, we can conduct on-going evaluations of the strategy, report its findings, and help make adjustments ensuring that your company is always getting the most from its Internet presence.