Parental Control - Content Advisor Configuration




1.Double-click the My Computer icon.

2.Double-click the Control Panel folder.

3.Double-click the Internet icon.

4.Select the Security tab.

5.Click the Enable Ratings button.

6.In the Password text box, type a password.

7.In the Confirm Password text box, type the same password to make sure you have typed it correctly.

8.Click the OK button.

9.Select the Ratings tab.

10.Select the Category which you would like to filter.

11.Use the Slider bar to adjust the relative degree of blockage.

12.Select the General tab.

13.If you would like, check Users can see sites which have no rating.

14.If you would like, check Supervisor can type a password to allow users to view restricted sites.

15.Click the OK button.