Cute FTP Install & Configure




1.Double-click the cute2032.exe icon.

2.Click the OK button.

3.Click the OK button.

4.In the E-mail address text box, type your dial-up username immediately followed by @wavetech.net Example: username@wavetech.net

5.Click the OK button.

6.Click the Yes button.

7.Click the OK button.

8.Click the OK button.


1.Click the Start button, point to Programs, point to CuteFTP and choose CuteFTP.

2.Click the Add Folder button.

3.In the Create new folder text box, type wavetech Network

4.Click the Add Site button.

5.In the Site Label text box, type My homepage

6.In the Host Address text box, type ftp.wavetech.net

7.In the User ID text box, type your username

8.In the Password text box, type your Wavetech logon password.

9.For the Host Type select Auto-Detect

10.In the Initial Remote Directory text box, type /webdocs

11.Click the Connect button.

12.Once your connected click the OK button and upload to your site.