Web Design

Web site Design and Hosting Services include all aspects of the design, creation, implementation and maintenance of your Internet presence.  Some specific services in this area are:

  1. HTML Page Creation
    Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the programming language behind the visual appearance of your web site.
  2. Forms Page Creation
    Forms pages allow you to collect information from the people who visit your site.  Typical web sites contain one forms page to allow visitors to request further information on your company and its products or services.
  3. Image Scanning and Manipulation
    All web sites should contain images.  These images may require some degree of manipulation to be accessible through the World Wide Web.
  4. Custom Image and Graphics Creation
    Web pages do not flow like standard advertisements and brochures.  As such, there may be instances where custom images and graphics should be produced to improve the appearance of your site.
  5. CGI Scripting
    CGI, like forms perform many functions such as sending the results of a form via e-mail, keeping track of the number of times that a page has been accessed, or even providing a shopping cart for your customers.  Minnesota Wavetech can recommend and implement these functions for you if your particular site requires its use.