Eudora Install & Configure



1.Double-click the Eudora Pro 4.0 Install File.

2.Click the Next button.

3.Read the Qualcomm License Agreement, select Yes and click the Next button if you agree to its terms.

4.Read the Important Info, check Yes and select Next after you have read it.

5.Check the components you would like to install

6.Click the Next button.

7.Click the Next button.

8.Click the Next button.

9.Click the OK button.

10.Click the Yes button, to view the program notes.


1.Launch the Eudora 4.0 program.

2.Click the Next button.

3.Select Create a brand new e-mail account

4.Click the Next button.

5.In the Your Name text box, type your first and last name.

6.Click the Next button.

7.In the E-mail Address: text box, type username@wavetech.net

8.Click the Next button.

9.In the Login Name: text box, type your username

10.Click the Next button.

11.In the Incoming Mail Server text box, type mail.wavetech.net

12.Click the Next button .

13.Click the Finish button.

14.Select File and select Check Mail.