Free Agent Install & Configure



1.From your desktop double click fa32-111.exe.

2.Click the Next button.

3.Click the Next button.

4.Click the Next button.

5.Click the Next button.

6.Click the Start button.

7.Click the Yes button.

8.Read the Forte Free Agent Licence Agreement, and click the Accept button if you agree to its terms.

9.In the News (NNTP) Server box, type news.wavetech.net

10.In the Mail (SMTP) Server box, type mail.wavetech.net

11.In the Email Address box, type your Wavetech address (Example: username@wavetech.net )

12.In the Full Name(optional) box, type your name.

13.Click the OK button.

14.Click the No button.

15.From the Options menu, choose General Preferences.

16.Select the User tab.

17.In the News Server Authorization section, check Server requires authorization login.

18.In the User Name box, type your Wavetech address (make sure it includes the @wavetech.net).

19.Check Remember Password between sessions.

20.In the Password box, type your e-mail password.

21.Click the OK button.