Netscape Navigator install & Configure



1.Minimize all open windows so that you can see the n32e304.exe icon on the desktop.

2.Double-click the n32e304 icon.

3.Click the Yes button to begin the installation of Netscape Navigator.

4.Click the Next button at the Welcome dialog box.

5.If necessary, change the Destination Directory where you wish to install Netscape Navigator. Click the OK button to continue.

6.Click the No button.

7.Click the No button to decline the README file.

8.Click the OK button to confirm installation.

Start Navigator

1.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

2.Click the Start button.

3.From the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Netscape Navigator 3.04, and choose Netscape Navigator.

4.Take a moment to read the Netscape License Agreement. If you agree with its terms, click the Accept button to continue.


1.From the Options menu, choose General Preferences.

2.Select the Appearance tab.

3.Under Browser Starts With, replace http://home.netscape.com/ with http://www.wavetech.net

4.Click the OK button.

5.From the Options menu, choose Mail and News Preferences.

6.Click the Servers tab.

7.In the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server text box, type mail.wavetech.net

8.In the Incoming Mail (POP3) Server text box, type wavetech.net

9.In the POP3 User Name text box, type your Wavetech username in lower-case characters. Omit the ELN/ or any other prefix.

10.Set Check for Mail to 20 minutes.

11.In the News (NNTP) Server text box, type news.wavetech.net

12.Click the Identity tab.

13.In the Your Name text box, type your name.

14.In the Your Email text box, type your email address. For example: username@wavetech.net

15.In the Reply-to Address text box, type your email address again.

16.Click the OK button.