Pegasus Install & Configure



1.Locate the downloaded file.

2.Click the Start button, point to Find and select Files and Folders.

3.In the Named: text box, type w32-252.exe

4.Click the Find Now button.

5.Double click w32-252.exe to launch Pegasus Setup.

6.When you see the Winzip Self-Extractor, click Setup.

7.When you see the Pegasus Mail Setup window, click the Continue installation button.

8.Unless you are using a Novell Network and messaging system select No Netware Support.

9.Choose a directory to install Pegasus mail to then, click the OK button.

10.Click the Install Pegasus Mail button.

11.When finished, click the Exit button.


1.To launch Pegasus Mail, click the Start button, point to Programs, point to Pegasus Mail for Win32 and select Pegasus Mail for Win32

2. Click the top button featuring a single computer and person.

3.Click the OK button.

4.Click the OK button.

5.Click Yes to enter the Configuration menus.

6.In the POP3 host text box, type mail.wavetech.net

7.In the User name text box, type your username (do not include ELN/)

8.In the Password text box, type your e-mail password

9.In the SMTP host text box, type mail.wavetech.net

10.Click the OK button.

11.To connect to the Internet, double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop.

12.Double-click the Wavetech dial-up icon.

13.Click the Connect button.

14.Once connected internet, click File from the Pegasus menu bar.

15.Click Read new mail.