RealPlayer - Getting Started


RealPlayer provides live and on-demand real-time RealAudio and RealVideo streaming content on the Web. Experience RealAudio broadcast-quality stereo over 28.8Kbps modems, AM-quality at 14.4Kbps, and near-CD-quality audio at ISDN and faster connections. RealVideo delivers newscast-quality video at 28.8 Kbps and full-motion at faster connections. A powerful plug-in is included that lets Web authors easily customize and deliver exciting multi-media from their sites.


1.Find the rp32_50.exe icon on the Desktop and double-click it.

2.Click the Next button.

3.Read the REALNETWORKS LICENSE AGREEMENT and, if you agree to its terms, click the Accept button to continue.

4.Under Please enter your name, type your name.

5.Under Please enter your e-mail address, type your email address.

6.Click the Next button.

7.Under Please select your Internet connection, click the down-arrow and choose your modem speed.

8.Click the Next button.

9.Click the Next button to accept the default installation directory.

10.If your browser is not listed here, click the Add browser button and choose yours from the list and click the OK button.

11.Click the Next button to continue.

12.Click the Finish button.

13.Click the OK button to confirm the installation of RealPlayer.

14.Click the Send button to register RealPlayer.


Download RealPlayer